Chevrolet Silverado with 22×10 Wheels 4P63 Gen 3

no lift, no problem.  2021 Chevrolet Silverado on our 4P63, 22×10 mounted on @nittotires 285/50/22 with zero suspension modification needed.  Minimal plastic trimming on front madflap, that’s all it needs.  In stock now Huge thanks to @dlmperformance for the impeccable installations as always. 

Ford Lightning with 22×10 Wheels 4P63 Gen 3

Here’s the 2nd of 4 shoots, each with one of our G3 Series wheel styles, each on 285x45x22 tires, NO lift and no trimming whatsoever required. 4P6322×10285x45x22 EV trucks are coming, and we’re on the forefront of EV truck wheel development…Experimenting with the latest models to find the perfect wheel and tire combo fitments to […]

Toyota Tundra with 22×10 Wheels 4P63 Gen 3

We got our hands on a 2023 Tundra SR5 TRD Sport for some test fitments and photo shoots on our G3 Series wheels.  The Sport model has 0.5″ lower front suspension than the non sport and the truck is on 100% stock suspension.  We wanted to see if our 22×10 sized wheels, with a @toyotires […]

Ford F150 with 22×10 Wheels 4P63 Gen 3

how it’s done…By@bms_daniel @briansmotorsports@roughcountry leveling kit@4playwheels 22×10 4P63@nittotire Recon Grappler 33×12.50R22 📍@briansmotorsports📷 @mitchmeador / @levelup_filmz

Jeep Wrangler Wheels 4P63 Gen 3

DTO CUSTOM JEEPS! @dtocustoms these guys are absolutely KILLING it on these Jeeps!  Here’s a few examples of some of their recent JEEP builds they’ve done on 4PLAY Wheels.  All of these wheels are in stock now, just call, email, DM, or mentally contact us to order.