The 4PLAY® Gen3 Series introduces 4 new styles for 2022. Each style is designed to capture a different design element while maintaining the aggressive attitude of our brand. From the launch of Gen3 we will offer all styles in sizes 20×10, 22×10, 22×12, and 24×12 with limited options for 20×12 Continuing our obsession with quality and excellence, each design features weight reduction technology, 2900 lb. ratings and hand brushed finishes. Gen3 seeks to bridge the gap between street and dirt for the enthusiast who expects their vehicle to perform as well as they look. Each of our styles are Patented or currently Patent Pending.

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4PLAY® Wheel utilizes only the most advanced OEM wheel manufacturing facilities in the industry. For over 20 years we’ve forged long standing, close business relationships with our partners around the globe. As a result, we’re able to produce aftermarket wheels built to the exacting and stringent standards required of OEM manufacturers while emphasizing design components that are usually only seen on custom aftermarket wheels. We’ve opted to use the highest cost manufacturing processes and factories as to guarantee the absolute best product available using the latest technology and processes.


All 4PLAY® Wheels are engineered and tested to exceed the most current Truck and SUV load capacities. Meaning, all 4PLAY® 8 lug wheels are tested to a 3900 lb. rating per wheel and all 5 lug, and 6 lug wheels are designed and tested to a 2900 lb. rating per wheel. We do this to ensure maximum strength and durability on all our wheel designs. Safety and product durability are paramount in our manufacturing procedures and one of our highest concerns. Everything we engineer/produce follows these rigorous guidelines, including Flow Formed and multipiece wheels. 


Utilizing state-of-the-art OEM facilities allows us to implement quality control processes rarely seen in aftermarket wheel manufacturing. In-line, during production, each wheel receives a porosity X-ray inspection, gas leak test, radial and lateral run out, and visual finish inspection before packaging. Each wheel is tagged with a printout of each of these tests, ensuring our commitment to quality, value, and peace of mind for our customers.


Bridging the gap between manufacturing dominance and bespoke finishing, all 4PLAY® wheels are hand finished by skilled technicians. We have selected only high strength, extremely durable powder-based coatings to ensure a long-lasting, trouble-free finish. After the powder-coat base layers are applied, we employ a technique that is usually reserved for custom forged wheels; we hand brush the face surfaces. Each wheel then receives a final clearcoat. Our clearcoat materials were selected to be more UV fade and peeling resistance than the materials used throughout the industry. Where applicable, we sourced stainless steel for decorative bolts to resist corrosion for years to come.


All 4PLAY® wheels are covered under our warranty policy:
Lifetime warranty on structure / 1 year warranty on finish.

The entirely NEW 4PLAY® Gen3 Series. Consisting of 4 brand new wheel styles, each designed to give your truck an incredible upgrade in looks, ride quality & both on or off-road performance.

The entirely NEW 4PLAY® Gen3 Series. Consisting of 4 brand new wheel styles, each designed to give your truck an incredible upgrade in looks, ride quality & both on or off-road performance.


All of our wheels, regardless of the vehicles weight. load and tow capacity, are engineered around HD Truck / 3900 lb. per wheel load capacity meaning all of our wheels. in any size, bolt pattern or fitment are all designed, engineered and tested to easily sustain the highest level of vehicle load capacities, towing capacities and strength testing parameters.


All 4 PLAY wheel orders include an individually signed runout and test certification tag to ensure that all of our wheels are delivered with the highest possible level of quality control.


4PLAY Wheels are manufactured by one of the leading OEM wheel manufacturers in the industry. We have long standing relationships with many manufacturers that we’ve been working with for over 20 years, and although we chose the highest priced manufacturer by far, we did so in order to create a truly better than OEM quality off road wheel that is not only safe & durable but also made using the highest quality materials and latest manufacturing processes.


Rather than follow the trend, we prefer to set new ones. Almost all competing off road wheels are designed around the same flat profile with a deep. flat lip… Play wheels use technology and design inspired by trends seen mostly in the high end exotic automotive wheel segment. We’ve combined that cutting edge design and engineering technology with high strength cast wheel manufacturing and mold development to create an entirely new type of off road wheel that will set the trend for all off road wheels in the years to come in terms of both aesthetic style and design.


Also previously seen primarily on forged multi piece race and exotic wheels, the STEP LIP contour provides added strength and bend resistance due to it’s “stepped” contour which is much stronger than any comparable size flat lip wheel on the market today. The step lip was originally designed specifically to decrease weight and increase strength on multi piece wheels. We’re proud to be the 1st to introduce this technology to the off road wheel market. Additionally, the combination of step lip contour with the deep concave profile as shown, is a patent pending design/engineering aspect that we have developed, hindering the ability of competing brands to copy the look and design of 4PLAY Wheels.


Another benefit of the step lip contour is the elimination of a common issue known as “water retention”, which is when water puddles inside the inner barrels “drop center” area on most wheels. This water retention can cause temporary vibration and safety issues in many cases. Our wheels do not have the typical “drop center” area on the inner barrel, which eliminates the possibility of any water from being trapped inside the retention area…Ever!


We’ve added a multi piece style “faux” assembly flange which provides additional strength and bend resistance as a result of the added ring of material around the inner diameter of the wheel. To make this strength/aesthetic feature look it’s best. we’ve engineered all of our wheels for use with a 2 piece, high quality stainless steel hex bolt with open end rear mounted nut


All 4PLAY® wheel orders include an individually signed runout & test certification tag to ensure that all of our wheels are delivered with the highest possible level of quality.

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