Brushed Black Wheel: This finish is achieved through a multi-stage finishing process. A high gloss, black base layer is applied setting the tone for the finish of this wheel. From here the wheel is precision machined on a high speed CNC Lathe to remove the high gloss black base layer from the face of the wheel only. The wheel is then masked off by hand leaving only the machined surface of the face exposed. With the wheel transferred to a manual lathe, a tradesman is now able to skillfully and carefully begin brushing, by hand, the exposed aluminum surface creating a consistent, superior quality finish. Once complete, the wheel goes through a final cleaning to remove all debris and contaminates from the surfaces of the wheel. Once clean, a final layer of a dark tinted, high gloss clear coat is applied to the entire wheel completing the finishing process and creating not only a high quality but also a highly durable finished product. The 4PLAY® Gen3 Series 4P83 is available in four sizes 20×10, 22×10, 22×12 and 24×12 to fit your build.

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Fitment may require lifts for some vehicles and wheel-tire sizes.  Give us a call with any questions 1-844-793-7504.

4PLAY® Aftermarket Truck Wheels lead the industry in Deep Concave designs.

The 4PLAY® Gen3 Style 4P83 is a patented split 8-spoke design likely to become an instant classic. Building upon our own success with our Gen2 4P80 Style, we designed the Gen3 4P83 as a new and improved version. Often imitated, but never duplicated – we opted to make this iteration lighter, with no decorative bolts for a more subtle expression. Available in sizes 20×10, 22×10, 22×12, and 24×14 in common 5 lug and 6 lug fitments. Finished in a UV fade and peel resistant, ultra-high quality gloss black base coat with a hand brushed face finished in a beautiful, dark-tinted clearcoat. A new, low profile 2-piece center cap is included with all Gen3 Series 4PLAY® Wheels to match the reserved demeanor. The 4P83 will fit Ford, GM, Chevrolet, and Toyota trucks with options to accommodate stock, or lifted, or leveled applications. BUILT 4PLAY®

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