A lot of technology that we use today starts from a military application and trickles down to consumers. The same goes for style. Camouflage print clothing has been in trend for a long time and it’s recently made it’s way to the automotive sector. This 2016 Jeep Rubicon isn’t camouflage, but it is a matte military green that gives it a presence straight from the battlefield. You can’t just wrap a car in matte military green and leave stock wheels, so of course some 4Play Wheels were added to compliment the look. This Jeep Rubicon decided to go with massive 22×12 4P08s. The 8 open spoke style really allows the red big brakes to shine through, while the 12” width gives it maximum concavity and profile. Nothing goes better with matte military green than brushed black, so the wheel finish was an obvious choice. The tire of choice was a 320/45/22 set of Toyo tires. This total package gives it a such a tough stance and immediately draws in attention.

You can grab a detailed look at this Jeep build in the media gallery right below. There are 5 total designs available from 4Play Wheels and we can apply any of them to your SUV. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any ordering information you may require, our sales team will gladly answer any questions and help you get that perfect wheel & tire combination for your vehicle.


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