Jeep Wrangler with 22×10 Wheels 4P80 Gen 2

The guys @tireguys916 know what they’re doing!

A Jeep Rubicon equipped with 22″ 4Play 4P80R wheels, 37″ Toyo M/T tires, and a 3.5″ Rough Country lift kit would have an aggressive and eye-catching appearance. Here’s some information about each component.

4Play 4P80R Wheels: These are aftermarket wheels designed specifically for off-road vehicles. The 22″ size adds a larger diameter and more visual appeal to the Jeep. The specific design and finish of the wheels may vary, but they are typically built to withstand rugged terrain.

Toyo M/T Tires: The 37″ Toyo M/T tires are well-regarded for their off-road capabilities. The “M/T” stands for Mud-Terrain, indicating that they are designed to excel in off-road conditions, including mud, dirt, and rocky terrain. These tires provide increased ground clearance and traction for better off-road performance.

Rough Country Lift Kit: The 3.5″ Rough Country lift kit raises the Jeep’s suspension, allowing for larger tires and improved off-road capabilities. This lift kit provides additional ground clearance, which is beneficial when navigating rough terrain or obstacles.

Overall, this setup offers a visually striking appearance and enhanced off-road performance. However, it’s important to note that installing larger wheels, tires, and lift kits can impact the vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency, and overall ride quality. It’s essential to ensure that the modifications are properly installed and aligned to maintain the Jeep’s safety and performance characteristics

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