Jeep Gladiator 22×12 Wheels 4P80 Gen 2 and 35×12.5×22 Tires

Off Road Wheels for Grey Jeep Gladiator

@permaisuriban with another Indonesian 4PLAY neck breaker! Jeep Gladiator on Gunmetal 4P80’s 22×12 4P80’s on 35×12.5×22 tires. By the one and only 4PLAY Wheels INDONESIA: @permaisuriban

The 4PLAY G2 Series consists of 5 styles, each available in sizes 20×10, 22×10, and 22×12 in 5, 6 & 8 lug PCD’s.
In stock now, order by 2PM EST and your order will ship out same day, Amazon Prime style…

20X10: $500
22X10: $550
22X12: $580

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