Chevrolet Suburban with 22×10 Wheels 4P06 Gen 3

2023 Z71 Suburban: set 02 of 08
This setup:
4P60 / 22×10
285x45x22 @nittotires
Stock Suspension

Wheels are in stock NOW: 420 / each.
Contact us to order, you could have them on your truck in a couple days.

Do they rub?  NOPE!
But keep in mind this is a Z71 model which comes from factory a little higher in front.  SO, if you have a non Z71 model this setup will still work perfectly, just with very minimal fender liner trimming needed to completely eliminate tire contact.  Easy 30 min. job for any shop.

Huge thank you to our friends at @dlmperformance here in Sarasota, FL.  We recommend them to anyone in the Sarasota / Bradenton area for installs, rub deletes & mods.

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