Chevrolet Silverado with 22×12 Wheels 4P83 Gen 3 and 35×12.5×22 Tires

Aftermarket Rims 4P83 GEN3 for 6 Lug Trucks

 still can’t decide which G3 wheels to get so we tried them all on…
Help the poor guy out, which G3 style should he go with?

4PLAY’s all new G3 Series, available now for ordering! Pricing starts at $525 a wheel. Sizes 20×10, 20×12, 22×10, 22×12, 24×12 in 5 & 6 lug bolt patterns for most 1/2 ton trucks.

20X10: 525 each
20X12 (55 ONLY): 550 each
22X10: 575 each
22X12: 610 each
24X12: 650 each

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