The Ford Raptor is quite possibly the trendiest truck to have right now. Ford absolutely nailed it on the first generation Raptor, but the 2nd generation seems to be an even bigger hit. Under the hood you have a 450 horsepower, twin-turbo V6 in the 2nd generation compared to the old V8. There has been some backlash with the removal of the V8, but this new twin-turbo V6 powers the Raptor from 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. Now imagine using all of that in an off-road setting and it’s easy to see why the Ford Raptor has become such a hit. All of this was without mentioning it’s best attribute: it’s looks. The Raptor is actually wider than the original Hummer H1, making it look like a tank when it’s coming down the road. Being that it’s become one of the most popular trucks, people have taken it upon themselves to further differentiate their Raptors to stand out. This Ford Raptor is sitting on 22×12 4P60s that take complete advantage of the wide body and allows for maximum wheel concavity that you won’t see on any other truck. The 4P60 is a beefy, 6 spoke wheel that is simple but tough. The brushed black finish that was chosen really highlights the profile of the wheel, and black on black never gets old. The end result is a Ford Raptor that is unlike any other.

You can grab a detailed look at this Ford Raptor build in the media gallery right below, or any other Raptor that we have worked on. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any ordering information you may require, our sales team will gladly answer any questions and help you get that perfect wheel & tire combination for your vehicle.


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