Chevrolet Suburban with 24×12 Wheels 4P06 Gen 3

Suburban’s NEED 4PLAY…Don’t shoot the messenger. Here’s the 1st of 8 wheel setups we installed on this 2023 Z71 Suburban last week.  Cuz some customers just can’t make up their minds…JK, we do this process for wheel & tire combo fitment data and photos… This setup:4P06 / 24×1233×12.5×24 @rbptireStock Suspension Wheels are in stock NOW: […]

Chevrolet Silverado with 22×10 Wheels 4P70 Gen 2

One of our most handsomest sales representatives,@josh4playwheels with his new (kinda) setup!  Josh’ Silverado has a 6″ lift by @extremeperformance and some wheels by some company called 4PLAY Wheels  🙂 Wheel & tire setup: 4P70: Gen2 Series22×10-1835×12.5×22 @mickeythompsontires which REALLY give it an aggressive look!  Wheels are in stock NOW: 420 / each.Contact us to order, […]